Instagram v10.14.0 & OGInsta + v10.14.0 Apk is Available !

InstagramInstagram, the largest social network to share images and short videos taken into account that in recent days Iran has also managed to attract so many fans. Instagram, the Facebook, the popular social network among users is known as the second.

OG instagram ios :-


Features :
The ability to edit pictures and videos using custom filters
The ability to improve images using the exposure, contrast, shadow and …
Search and find people and they account on Aysntagram
The ability to share quick videos and images on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks
Its contact with Instagram users around the world
The ability to send videos and photos securely in place for friends
Construction of private groups with friends
The ability to switch between multiple accounts.
Video Time increased to 60 seconds from 15 seconds
Like capability comments
The video release Live and Live
Added the ability to simultaneously release 10 photos and video in a post
Mode version features OGInsta:
At the same time the ability to install the Instagram app and connect with another account
Ability to download videos and photos on Instagram
Ability to share links photos and videos
Features version of Instagram +:
Ability to download videos and photos on Instagram
Ability to share links photos and videos
Introduction Instagram:
Of course nobody can be found who is not familiar with social network Instagram! The social network, especially in recent days has managed to gain so many fans and so many people from the social network for sharing photos and videos short (1 minute) used to be able to view their friends .

On the other hand, many artists and celebrities from Aysntagram to stay in touch with their fans. The social network Instagram you can follow someone or that someone you follow. In such circumstances, both the person, what you will see are released and if they like it, it will add a heart.

The ability to add custom comments and opinions on the images and videos that are shared there and you can search for images and videos you can see, if you wish, put your own personal opinion.